China Venture Capital Finance Organization ("CVCFO") is a non-profit association of finance professionals in venture capital ("VC") and private equity ("PE") firms in the Greater China Region.

It is established in 2009 inspired by the idea to provide a platform for information sharing and networking within the community of China focused VC and PE finance professionals. Today, CVCFO has attracted more than 600 members, positioning in near 320 venture capital firms from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.
CVCFO is endeavoring to build an industry harbor where members can:

feel comfortable and confident in their solutions and knowledge through brain storming and high quality resource sharing;
build the personal skills needed to further their careers;
voice as one advocating for a healthy and transparent finance and tax environment in China;
promote and maintain high ethical and professional standards;
find their working life and off-work hours more Valuable and Enjoyable.
To do this, CVCFO will sponsor conferences, seminars, social gatherings and events, luncheons and dinner parties for members across Beijing , Shanghai and Hong Kong, and maintain its members-only website. This website allows members to participate in discussion forums, view and post job descriptions, instant messenger with other members and access various documents including industry updated newsletters, and seminars and events records.

CVCFO offers membership to finance professionals working in venture capital and private equity; vendor members are not accepted. For more information, please view
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